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Facebook killed my roofing company.

Roofing companies spend thousands of dollars on up front advertising charges. If you are prepared to spend so much promoting your roofing company’s brand, shouldn’t you have a plan in place to protect your investment?

Galvanic Corrosion

A guide to galvanic corrosion for roofing contractors.

An explanation of galvanic corrosion and the galvanic series. This guide explains the effects of galvanic corrosion in roofing applications.

Why Do Lead Sheet Roof Flashings Leak?

Incorrect installation is one of the main reasons for lead flashing failure. Here you will find some pointers for the correct installation of lead sheet roof flashings.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Money is tight and the roof is leaking. Try these four cheap roof repairs to get you through.

Earthquakes In Wellington, New Zealand

Recently Wellington suffered two measurable shakes. A 4.1 was followed by a 4.7 magnitude earthquake a few days later. While no significant damage was recorded, it has left a lot of us asking if Wellington is due a major earthquake.